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(En) - Download AutoCAD DWG 2D file toAutoCAD Observation post ( category : Accesses and Entrances )

(En) - Download AutoCAD DWG 2D file toAutoCAD Observation post ( category :  Accesses and Entrances )



TO MEET THE STANDARD ASTM C 150-A, of recognized quality.

CONCRETE: F'C = 250 KG / CM ²

Curing Concrete:

CONCRETE must remain wet for a minimum of 15 days PERIOD allows the use of CURACRETO OR SIMILAR per manufacturer specifications.


THE FIRST STEP is placed 5 cm. FACE COLUMN OR LOCK TO BE intersect.


ALL WILL BE REINFORCING STEEL BLAST FURNACE HEAVY DUTY FY = 4200 kg / cm² in all diameters A EXCEPTION OF No. 2 (1/4 ") TO BE FLE = 2530 kg / cm².

Welded wire And ARMEX FY = 5000 KG / CM ²


The drawings are not built to scale. are only schematics, THIS PLAN WILL NOT BE READ WITH scaler.
Bounded MEASURES IN THE PLANS are in centimeters. All dimensions are verified in the architectural plans. All levels are checked with architectural plans. Before casting will verify the correct position of STEPS OF FACILITIES IN THEIR OWN PLANS, AND THE CORRECT ASSEMBLY AND POSITION todoslos elements forming the estrcutura

ARMED girders

STATED IN THE FLAT BEDS ARE ONLY schematics, SE use the fewest possible BEDS, placing as many RODS

ON THE TOP AND BOTTOM BED, as appropriate, UNLESS IN THE DETAILS otherwise indicated.

Packages can be used up to 2 rods, tying RODS WHICH ARE PROPERLY PACKAGE. MINIMUM SEPARATION BETWEEN THE SURFACE OF ROD or packages, will be 2.5 CM. OR GREATER Rod diameter.
 Download AutoCAD DWG file to project a
AutoCAD file a contains:
- Horizontal projections of the project
- Vertical projections of the project (sections (

- North façade
- Eastern facade

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