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These pictures colorful architecture shots from Metro stations in Europe

Issued photographer Chris Forsythe latest photos from his series of Metro pictures. Previously having gone underground to capture the surreal beauty of the Montreal Metro system, Forsyth to Europe to stations in Munich and Berlin and Stockholm shoot. Photographic style depicts stations in better light-bright, clean and colorful and completely absent of people.  ' See the strengths of different design of metro systems, hand painted cave-like stations in Stockholm, to modern platforms well lit from Munich U-that, I really started to feel how good design can change your day for the better ', says Forsythe. Whether it's awe-or simply bright and colorful, and I can imagine how it feels to start your commute daily in one of these Metro stations. ' Continue after halftime to take samples of your favorite pictures lforsith of this series.

Photographer Chris Forsyth on the Montreal Metro, Going Underground, and Overlooked Architecture

Montreal-based photographer Chris Forsyth doesn't see his city the way others do -- that much is evident from his body of work, which includes rooftop photos of the Montreal skyline, nocturnal shots taken from the arm of a crane and now, images from the underground.
source : Archdaily 


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