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Game of Thrones creator helps shape fantastical explorable attraction for Santa Fe

The House of Eternal Return is described as 'a unique combination of children’s museum, art gallery, jungle gym, and fantasy novel' / House of Eternal Return
Game of Thrones creator George R R Martin has partnered with a design company and arts and entertainment production studio to create an explorable attraction in Santa Fe, US.
The House of Eternal Return is a 20,000sq ft (1,800sq m) space filled with fantastical environments, technology and art. Billed as “a unique combination of children’s museum, art gallery, jungle gym, and fantasy novel”, visitors are invited to walk, climb and crawl through a “mysterious Victorian house that has dissolved the nature of time and space”.
The attraction has been designed by local architect Autotroph Designs and producers Meow Wolf in collaboration with 100 local artists. Large-scale sculptures, trees, LED lighting and visual illusions fill the space.
Vince Kadlubek, one of Meow Wolf’s organisers, told art publication Colossal that the group were inspired by monumental works of art, theme parks, nature, childhood forts “and certainly Nickelodeon, MTV, Jim Henson, Tumblr, and Twin Peaks.”
Martin collaborated on the project and owns the property, which sits in a former bowling alley recently renovated at a cost of US$2.7m. The wider complex has been transformed by Meow Wolf to house the exhibition, gallery spaces, performance venues and an arts education workshop.



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