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Circolo-A + Linearama Win Italian Competition with Ring-Shaped Complex

The team of CIRCOLO-A + LINEARAMA has won first prize in the AAA-Architetti Cercasi 2015 competition with its design, EPICICLO. As a mixed-use building, EPICICLO will feature apartments, alternative residences like student and social housing, common spaces, as well as both public and semi-private outdoor spaces.

The design is shaped after a ring so that it is open to the outside and comfortable on the inside. The design takes into account the relationship between public and private, not only creating a gradient from outside to inside but also varying public and private spaces within the building. Similarly, open and closed spaces are alternated, to create "spots of community life and moments of privacy."
The project is based on the idea of public space and "introduces the idea of 'discovery beyond the corner,' according to which everyone can experience a micro-world populated by children and young people, teachers and students, sportsmen, artists and craftsmen, professionals and retirees" explains the architect. 

With no main "front" to the building, the project offers 360-degree views of the external park, as well as access to the internal, more private green space.
EPICICLO additionally centers on the concept of modularity, in order to create a mixed dimension and foster the interaction of residents both indoors and outdoors.
Outside, the project features a natural hilly landscape, as well as a system of wooden walkways, rest areas, and water tanks. These water tanks contribute to the sustainability of the project by collecting rainwater to be reused for irrigation and household appliances, it performs phytoremediation, which reduces pollutants in the water.
Sustainability is further improved through winter gardens in each home, which work as solar greenhouses and naturally regulate climate, reducing the need for air conditioning systems.


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