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ArcSoft Panorama Maker is a professional high quality photo stitching (panoramic) tool. It can conveniently and quickly stitch a series of overlapping photos together into a beautiful panorama image. The entire process takes only a few simple steps.
ArcSoft Panorama Maker is especially suitable for users using common digital cameras. Because you can use low pixel digital camera to shoot separate or partial photographs and then in virtue of this software, they can be automatically stitched with a few mouse clicks.

// Key Features //

  • Create, view, and export dazzling 3D panoramas
  • Provides 5 professional  auto-stitch modes
  • Powerful media editing tools auto and manual
  • Convenient online print service
  • Create panoramas from videos
  • All popular formats support
Panorama Maker supports five professional panorama stitching modes: Auto, Horizontal, 360°, Tile and Vertical. You can manually adjust the matching point and fusion area under each mode, so as to build a perfect panorama. Panorama Maker also supports 3D preview, including PageFlip, Line Interleave, Checkerboard, Anaglyph, etc.
Panorama Maker supports a variety of RAW image formats, also works closely with the latest digital cameras. In addition, it provides professional users with close manual fine tuning options for adjusting, editing the generated images at last. That includes modifying splicing point, stitching location as well as the brightness and contrast of the image.

// License Codes //

Tested working on v6.0.0.92 and v6.0.0.94.
  • Licensed Email: [email protected]
  • Activation Code:2ZDK2282NW33CGKE675JM845S43VTELKL5PF82VMN5343SE4WGKAJ77YU8VNCJXA

// Installation Notes //

  1. download and install Panorama Maker from official site
  2. use the license codes above to activate
  3. all done.

// Download URLs //


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