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(En) - Download AutoCAD DWG  file Single family Home Duplex

Single family Home Duplex Design Dwg

Single family Home Duplex, Single, family Home, Duplex, having two parts, in particular.
(of a communications system, computer circuit, etc.) allowing the transmission of two signals simultaneously in opposite directions.
The duplex circuit, developed in Germany, made it possible for messages to travel simultaneously in opposite directions on the same line.
a house divided into two apartments, with a separate entrance for each.
The property has full planning permission for 30 residential units comprising six three-bedroom townhouses, 12 two-bedroom duplexes and 12 one-bedroom apartments.
a double-stranded polynucleotide molecule.
In this work, the molar concentrations of the oligonucleotide duplexes are related to the double-stranded molecules 15-bp long.

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File Type: Autocad

Type: Gold

 Download AutoCAD DWG file to project a
AutoCAD file a contains:
- Horizontal projections of the project
- Vertical projections of the project (sections (
- North façade
- Eastern facade

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