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Design Stefan winner Park oxygen to Paris

Design Stefan winner Park oxygen to Paris

Perception and synthesis of architecture and landscape, ' oxygen ' is the winning project of development of VIGNES La Défense in Paris. Designed by owner Stefan, blueprint semi-circular serves as a gateway to welcome area, containing flower gardens along with new restaurants, surrounded by terraces open. Because of the prominent place of the site master plan, ' oxygen ' visible from a number of angles, including the surrounding towers.

Design Stefan winner Park oxygen to Paris

Multi-tier design takes its influence from the traditional romantic gardens of the 19th century, with a variety of shrubs and herbs complement configured with enclosed spaces that provide shelter with elements. Multi vialtsmim, and stalls are scattered throughout the Park, located just outside the site, this means that local residents and office workers will not feel discomfort during the execution of almsharoatm. The formation of the inhabited bridge over the highway, the schema serves as part of the welcome and participate in ongoing renewal in the province. You can touch the most intimate areas for outdoor dining in the project. Drawing for the chart show the relationship with the highway below.
 Project Info:
 location: La Defense, Paris, France: AVEC-investment 
area: 1500 m2 
budget: 5,000,000 
– delivery: 2017


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