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BIG and Foster and Grimshaw reveal designs wings Expo 2020 in Dubai

He won all of Norman Foster and flushing and Grimshaw competition to design wings Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai.
The three mentioned architectural offices have won the competition against ten other contestants from around the world in order to form an attractive suites are situated in the Expo site, measuring 438 hectares

Expo will be the title of 'mind communication create the future' has been demand from architects to hand over their proposals in line with the three main themes in the Expo mobility, sustainability and opportunity.
Thus won the Danish Pavilion desktop BIG opportunity to seem beside the curved shade planted courtyard, and was hopping from the share of the English office suite Foster Partners in the form of three lobes framed surrounded by Munira Square. 
To be a suite of sustainability of the share of the London studio Grimshaw Architects, which designed a series of installations in the form of plates.
'After Almtmahsh of study and careful consideration we have emerged within the three designs intense competition; it will be a great future facilities will make our booth exceptional.' In the words of Chairman of the Expo Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, who described the Expo as a 'festival of genius


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