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WWAA suite designed Mercedes-Benz in Warsaw

WWAA suite designed Mercedes-Benz in Warsaw

Last year Polish designed architectural practice WWAA temporary suite for Mercedes-Benz. Located in a park in Warsaw, this design served as a rallying point, and includes a showroom and Cafe space and mixed events during the summer months. Several elements of the design idea, including bridge Poniatowski, and appropriately-which along with nature to give an aesthetic structure of industrial and contemporary element.

Constitutes the expression specifies the race the main architect of the Pavilion is a new version of the ' transparent ' interface combined with a light wooden structure with metal plates were installed with hydraulic jacks this feature allows for different baltomoda on the interface in order to instill the image of weightlessness. Inside, note the roof skylights fill the space with light and continued painting wood flooring with detection of the internal structure. Either the heart of the wing is inverted pie and bar motor based on the South side adjacent to the terraced area.

 I used the rafters of inner emptiness as an open space for the wing, and had used the Western and eastern corner of the wing where the exhibition space for two cars. This wing sits near the Vistula River in Warsaw, and in each year Mercedes-Benz seeks to establish Pavilion during the summer months.

Project Info: design 2015 
space main wing 356 m2 service area 23m2 
client: Mercedes-Benz POLSKA 
design team: Marcin Mostafa, Natalia paszkowska, Agnieszka 
design team: marcin mostafa, natalia paszkowska, agnieszka dąbek

source: arch-news

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