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Thomas Heatherwick planned Theatre Kings Cross in London with MyrtleS soaring ceilings

Won the designer Thomas hithiroik Thomas Heatherwick conversion planning permission Victorian coal yard in the area of King's cross London to face shop adjacent to the Canal in the heart of the capital. As Coal Drops square Yard near the Regent Canal is planned to include 65 shops will be including five supermarkets along with restaurants, galleries and music add to the new public square. The Office will design Heatherwick Studio based in London to renew almbenin operators next to the campus of the school of Saint Martin Central, which built in 1850 and used for storing coal coming from the North of England.

But the designer also plans to adapt the established operators as their bishop the Algerian traditional flexes upward, converge with each other. ' Not designed these established the historical start of origin for the use of people and therefore will not achieve a successful model as a trading point if not only their cleaning and filled with shops. The distance between them is too large to prevent social networking between them, nor enough double storey shops in order to create sufficient vitality occupants. So instead of adding completely new origin for up almbenin old. so we opted to pay tribute and to sew the ceilings with each other which will create another activity which storey frame protects from weather factors and formed a new, dynamic vacuum. ' by hithiroik.

It is worth mentioning that the developer behind the project is led by Argent company limited partnership lkinghaz Cruz KCCLP Central, which oversees the whole area of redevelopment in the area. Based on the few images that has been launched to design the project seems ceiling Muthanna, from inside and outside the public arena space framed below where the frame brackets alkermidet Victorian place.


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