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The project imagines black gold future cities located in the enormous tankers for other purposes

A Dutch architectural collective has proposed an iconic landmark for the Southern Gulf region: a city located inside a decommissioned oil tanker.
The concept, called The Black Gold, imagines the storage tanks within the ship being adapted to house hotels, restaurants, museums, shops and apartments, while the base floor of the vessel could be used for big cultural event-based uses, such as concerts.
The double steel walls would ensure a sustainable climate buffer for the structure’s interiors, according to the designers.
“The mega oil tanker ship can be seen as the perfect icon representing the geographic, economic and cultural history of the Arabic oil states,” said architect Chris Collaris – who developed the design with Ruben Esser, Sander Bakker and Patrick van der Gronde.
“The biggest concern in the newly grounded architectural culture of the post-global cities in the Gulf area can be described as an overdose of pretentious buildings. This project is an answer to the contemporary search for a truly iconic building.”
Other design features of The Black Gold include a renovated deck accommodating a glass-bottomed swimming pool and a pedestrian night route built along the former deck piping.
The designers said the concept can be expanded in the future as the growth in eco-friendly fuels and the oversupply of crude oil renders many new vessels redundant.
Architects and designers have long noted the potential for creative reuses of ships and shipping containers. The latter have contained a microbrewery in London, a spa in Montreal and a grunge-style music hall in Sion.
Meanwhile, a 25-bedroom luxury hotel built inside a ship is expected to open in Edinburgh, Scotland, early this year.
An exhibition showcasing the idea is being developed
The storage tanks within the ship would be adapted to house a host of cultural facilities
The designers said: 'This project is an answer to the contemporary search for a truly iconic building'
The concept was created by Dutch designers Chris Collaris, Ruben Esser, Sander Bakker and Patrick van der Gronde
The designers believe oil tankers will become obsolete in the future
source : CLAD

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