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Studio Thunder innovating concept of secret garden lowline in New York

New Studio Thunder in alhiahmn during the first garden underground world in New York City. Echoing the strategy that led to the creation of the HIGHLINE, the idea to establish a green oasis lit naturally under forest albitonh structure that is New York City. Started by the question: How can we make better use of untapped underground spaces that exist around town? the key is creating an atmosphere suitable for vegetation and people alike, the environment that require sunlight, water, air, and shows that there are 3500 plant species present can work and how it will grow eventually to cover three city blocks is expected by the end of the project.

The first hurdle: sunlight. with use of heliotubes fiber optic designed by James Ramsay, a former engineer for the Agency. Sunlight can be directed inward with the help of external equivalent dishes to convert light and track that would identify and pursue the best angle all day underground, with a metal roof structure made from hexagonal pieces of colorful units as it sings public space. individual tubes puncture through altabkhalardih at various points that reflected in outstanding mirrors that direct light on the metal canopy and spread evenly over vegetation. solar panels can collect energy from sunlight to replace natural light under The surrounding buildings, which reduces the amount of energy required to sustain public life.

As suggested, to treat the second obstacle: drip irrigation system because it provides the efficiency of plant life with the nutrition it needs by re-purposing existing infrastructure for ground transportation systems available in place. If the system has proved successful, as is currently the case, it could usher in a new era of environments. Algdidhaza the resources necessary to sustain life can be transferred effectively to the underground will be limited only by the imagination. ' Thunder specializes in creating things and places that emphasizes knowledge construction process from close and continuing cooperation with the builders. This collaboration lead to clean up the city, innovative designs that through innovative thinking is remarkable considering the job with deep respect for the traditions of the aliomihma life. Focus on relativity, carpentry and design details is evident in all the work of Thunder and is always within the context of the relationship between open space and comfortable. '-James Ramsay.


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