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Paris Orchestra building a masterpiece by the architect Jean Nouvel's signature

Jean Nouvel won the architecture competition for the Paris Orchestra project in 2007, Kindle, had in April 2015, the building is located in Paris ' Parc de la Villette, and it forms the bridge between the city centre and surrounding suburbs. The building was designed as the first major concert hall in the French capital, to be first and foremost for accommodating the Paris Orchestra. The complex has room for 2400 seat, six rehearsal studios, classrooms and workshops, as well as a gallery and Cafe.

Structure angular climbs high 52 total yards, and Ashy aluminium reflectors. Designed an entrance is perspective leads to indoor Atrium proportional design, comes the use of aluminium to form mosaic EXA, and suggests a feather abstract business excellence altiorbtrikh architect Jean Nouvel.

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