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MAD reveal Harbin Opera Opera House building in the coupling between the petals and ice

Did the Chinese MAD Architect Studio Opera in the Chinese city of Harbin. The building has a bar shape curve that wraps around two main celebration and a public square. Thus, the Harbin Opera Opera House first and largest building designed by the Office to adopt as part of island culture in Harbin where the new arts complex Grand stands amid the islands of Songhua River wetlands. It boils down to building with an area of 70 thousand square meters on three petals body comprising one of the largest theater space for 1,600 people while held in the main lecture hall for 400 spectators.

Allow the upper openings amid the White Ribbon to enter Nur inward from the top; asthlm architects hierarchical forms of glass patterns ice. According to MADD ' building came in response to the strength and spirit of the wild rebel North and cold climate city. ' ' Imagine the Harbin Opera House as a cultural centre for the future _ an enormous vacuum asstaradi junction in dramatic captures human merge art and identity of the city while blends with the surrounding nature. ' by the founder of the yansongh.

And noticed the work made of curved surfaces which poorly control architects for their ambition to find a new model in the reference architecture to landscape in ancient Chinese paintings: ' treat architecture klandskib. ' the end expression. Curved surfaces continue cruise abroad the internal spaces where huge entry foyer overlooking a large curved window and ceiling plexiglass bottom curved surface sculpture. As well as views from a huge block Foyer coated in the Manchurian Ash wood and includes large terraces theater and insert curved and flowing abroad as one continuous surface.

 Either the second stage relates to the form of his vacua of the Interior with the exterior is more relevant where the walls look like Griffin laptop scorched them weather and towering glass splintered merit to the top part of the roof. Finally, the public arena constitute the third petal and can be used for external events and presentations, the terrace at the top of the building that serves the same purpose as control platform offers abroad.

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