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Germany architects and their own twist on the world

Germany architects and their own twist on the world

Development of German Architects their important buildings around the world, whether in Saudi Arabia or Russia or Kazakhstan, to projects that combine German quality and taking into account the cultural specificity of each State. Does not require the successful architecture of sound techniques, but also to understand the cultural characteristics of the place where the building is what appears in the Court building in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, which was designed by architects Albert Speer company * German Partner.

Set Nickl * Partner German mark on the huge medical center in St. Petersburg, which has a hospital and Research Center and educational accommodations for students and staff of architectural highlights the importance of green areas, as did Office Auer Weber engineering who designed the Botanical Garden over an area of 207 hectares in the heart of Shanghai, which is home to more than 23 million people.

Learn German efficiency technologies as well as the process, which appears in this kiosk located in Ethiopia, which draws its energy from solar modules installed above it and is designed by GRAFT. Bear King Fahd national library, designed by the German group of Gerber 2013, features Arabic culture through the exterior of the building and integration between metal and glass. The total area of the existing building 21,000 sqm and upon completion of the proposed building will become a total 87 000 square meters inclusive of parking located below ground level and the old library building, and through urban design project is linking adjacent areas from the South with the neighbouring regions of the North and across pedestrian walkways and cars under design public arena, the project also includes building of parking underground floors for staff and visitors to the area of 16 thousand square meters, accommodates 350 position added to 171 position.

The project aims to raise the capacity of the library holdings of 600 thousand book to about 2.4 million books, with the expansion of the library to accommodate 3.3 million books which will meet the needs of the library for the next several years. The patron of architects in the company Braun Schlockermann Dreesen while designing such housing units, frequent earthquakes in Kazakhstan. The gathering includes residential, condominium consisting of 9 and 16 storeys plus a shopping center.

Company specialists faced KSP Jürgen Engel architectural challenge while designing the Beijing National Library, the library should be expanded to about 12 million books. This reflects the building which dates back to 2008, between ancient Chinese tradition and modernity at the same time.

This city lies unfinished, South of the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. Scheduled to be completed this huge project 2016 to represent a model for city car-free and environmentally friendly.

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