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COBE win contest layout Christiansholm Copenhagen Harbour Island

Architectural Bureau revealed the plot to COBE Christiansholm island is an artificial island in the port of Copenhagen by the Danish press earlier. Architects were positioned in Copenhagen have won the architectural competition for the project architects WCW fold OMA and MVRDV, Henning Larsen Architects, CF Møller. The project website claims it is the island with the 29,000 square meters called ' paper ' Paper Island Island, referring to the ancient occupants and huge warehouse was used to store newspapers.

The journalists left the island in 2013 and therefore has started planning the draft replaces warehouse galleries with Bishop llahatflat and places his MyrtleS includes galleries and a pool. Housing will be todiah above that the existing uses on the ground floors of buildings also surround the green interiors and will have a public platform along the waterfront. ' Our vision for the future of the island is concentrated in creating place celebrates the city's culture and way of life in Copenhagen. It was important for us to become future island is an example of the first class of urban living in Copenhagen which could attract tourists and visitors and at the same time have a strong local presence. ' by Creative Director at architectural Office. The island is located near the Opera Theatre and the Royal Danish games although this strategic location of the island remained without development, and for this purpose the island owners CPH City * Port Development organized a contest for that purpose.

source : arch-news


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