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Clive Wilkinson proposed post pop up over the entire city of London to solve the problem of congestion and mobility

The architect Clive and Clive Wilkinson sweep Los Angeles resident America draw enormous conceptual schemes of the Bureau shared that perception floating over the city of London, where people climb the inclusion of each place. And this proposal has been developed under the name ' design workplace infinity ' Endless Workplace favour an architectural magazine asked the architectural company visualize the concept architect of two separate places culturally between London and California. Known for architect Wilkinson designed several high office projects including Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. Having considered the London architects with according to their vision affected ' sunny ' California and saw that inherent problem is overcrowding and long distances to work. The London spend up to four hours each day to reach their offices.

Architects also finds that the transportation system and the network of underground trains crowded and constantly disrupted as roads network unlocked and with continuous rises in property prices is forcing people to keep away from their workplace, according to architects. Hence the idea of workplace raised over the city within an open and hometown green parks there. Which challenges the idea that a company's employees within the company itself, and they call this concept ' carpet bombing ' carpet bomb ' which means blowing up everything sequentially as covering the carpet area and depends on the technology already provides us with an opportunity to communicate remotely without the need for physical presence, so the staff can ascend from their homes to their headquarters overhead tray.

And from their perspective see the architects proposed reducing carbon emissions caused by movement and avoid the problem of separation between the workplace and housing. ' You're actually within a participatory workplace infinity, and this relationship will develop between workers of different forming akhtsasat best placed similar communities of villages. It is in this sense is very social. In this sense one can restore something of the form alkrostoi in collaboration between multiple branches in your village local. ' by welikinson.

source: Arch-news

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