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BIG design contemporary zikorh Central New York on behalf of the spiral Tower

Launched the Office of architect Ingles biarket their new design for their latest project in New York, is a skyscraper office damaged green terraces towards the spiral as if they zikorh. Under the name ' Helix ' The Spiral Tower will rise with the 65-storey Hudson Avenue 66 as part of a project to develop a huge mixed use zone Hudson Yards; which in turn the presently construction including 20,000 new housing units, 185 thousand square meters and 278 hash spaces thousand square metres of hotels. The Tower will be the intersection of two major streets within a strategic site overlooking public park brought to railway old high line. Thus comes the Tower b 306 metres height inclusive historical and contemporary styles together:

' Snail Tower combines classical and alzikorh form are Alma skyscraper before modernity with graceful proportions and modern skyscrapers economic. ' by biarkih Engels. Seems the hallmark of the tower as a green wrap with 200sqm ascent Helix around the building as a green line on facades provided views and spacious external users. Inform the altabkih spaces of the Tower 265 thousand square metres of flexible and efficient floor area charts spectacular. The tower rises to six-storey-high platform includes retail spaces with approximations of 2500 m2 with large terrace at the 7th floor, while the building lobby height to nine meters. Real estate company Tishman Speyer project support in huge projects and famous record in New York.

source : arch-news

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