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Light You Can Enjoy in through the Unusual Window

Light is very important segment of living conditions. It is very important to have good lighting in your home and to enjoy the natural view inside your home. The architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia made one incredible project of a window that is everything but standard. We were impressed of the idea and double function of a window. 
sky-window-architecture-admirers 0
Light Trough Unusual Window that Can Hold You Outside This project creates a feeling of being outside because its capacity to hold a person out –or in the window? The window let the sun come into the home interior and in the same time it allows you to enjoy it outside. Even though you are inside your home and you are feeling comfortable and warm. Totally different than anything you would expect from a window. You can bend down and watch outside or you can lie down and observe the sky… Lovely idea and free joy! 


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