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Future Hospital - wonderful design

Hospital design that will leave you opened mouth is a future design for hospitals look. The new era that comes is an era of huge city progress and finding solutions for human habitat. People that used to live in the country now live in the cities and the cities are having so many citizens compared with the past. Just in 1900 there were only 13% of the population who lived in the cities and urban areas. But by 2007 there are 50% of the people who live in the cities. There are predictions that say that over 4.9 billion people will live in the city by 2030.
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Hospital Design of the Future shows all Architectural Progress Lately

This stunning design is developed by Mohammed El-Ahmady and Mohammed El-Nabarawy who sees the future of architecture even in those public objects as hospitals. The project is developed to be highly functional, and to work its mission as professional as possible. There are enough floors for many departments that will serve people in the highest possible level. And the design is the best thing that those architects do. Take a look.
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