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Automatic Wall Plastering Machine

Automatic machine that can do the work fast, easy and quality was designed by Guangzhou Builtool Machinery from China. This machine will simplify the human’s work and will finish the walls faster.
Automatic Wall Machine Possibilities It can apply different thickness of the material -5 to 30 mm, it can go height up to 4 meters and its weight is 130 kg. This means that it is easy for moving where your needs require. There is remote control that makes the machine more sophisticated. It can work a lot during the day –up to 400m3 per day and is more productive than man’s power for 10 -15 times. This machine can work even in small areas as bathrooms, terraces and similar.
This wall plastering machine can apply: cement, mortar, lime, gypsum and it does this on different surfaces of the wall: ready mix, bricks and blocks with cement mortar, gypsum mortar, lime mortar. 

source: architectureadmirers


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