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UNStudio complete Arnhem railway station new in Netherlands after twenty years of work

UNStudio يكملون محطة قطارات Arnhem الجديدة في هولندا بعد عشرين عاماً من العمل

The first images have been released of UNStudio's design for the new station in Arnhem in the Netherlands, which will open to the public akhirabad 20 years of development. Architectural Bureau was based in Amsterdam, UNStudio has spent the last two decades and is working to transform the reality of transportation in the city and the surrounding areas in cooperation with the engineering company Arup, Arup. The lounge is located in the Centre of serious transport master plan includes the areas of atnzar and events llktarwaltram and buses along with shops, restaurants, offices and a Conference Centre. There is also a double storey underground for storing bicycles and parking. The design features a series of curved cement both inside and out of the building. Bend the ground floor levels within the liofradh site, creating a complex Web of walrabmat separate floors.

It also extends to the surface in the facade glazing elalaily creating fthatsmaoih illuminate interior spaces are also some internal ceilings with wood planks curve lines of lighting to help motor direction. Noteworthy architectural Office I mentioned had won the competition to build the station in 1996 while construction did not commence until 2000. As well as the Danish landscape Bureau B B General landscape space design on Terminal using stone slabs matrix directions response with the natural topography of the site, with details of the steel not rusty.


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