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New skyscraper ' square ' as '  Undershaft 1

ناطحة سحاب جديدة "مربعة الشكل" باسم "1 Undershaft

Unveiling plans for the tallest Tower in the city of London (which is geographically small city within greater London City) ' 1 Undershaft ' is a building dedicated to offices, with a length of 300 m. It will be the skyscraper, designed by the architecture firm ' Eric Barry arshitkts ', within a group of towers in the financial district of London. And be advised the Tower on 21st-century landmarks in the city of London as ' the Cheesegrater' 224 metres tall, and ' the Gherkin ' with a length of 180 meters.

Architect Eric Parry said that the design of the tower which will have 73 floors, based on size, and aims to provide high-quality office space, which is needed in the city. ' and will include the top of the Tower restaurant and art gallery for the general public, with the lower part of the Tower will rise ten meters from the ground surface to create new space. The skyscraper will remain ' shard ' longest in London and the European Union, but ' 1 Undershaft ' would be the tallest building in downtown London. No date has been set yet for the completion of the Tower, with reports that the Tower will be opened within the next decade.

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