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Incandescent canopy design group Rockwell illuminates garden world financial center

مظلة متوهجة بتصميم مجموعة روكويل تضيء حديقة المركز المالي العالمي

Giant incandescent umbrella found at the winter garden of the world financial center in Manhattan and look shiny lanterns in the shape of a wide umbrella consisting of 650 LED Lantern Design Group Rockwell display stunning interactive large umbrella radioactive colors illuminate the Centre bustling with beautiful colors and this has been exploited in work other than the attractive landscape is fundraising for the Grammy Foundation, which established the program creates opportunities for students who are working with the study.

This institution students obtain a prize to help them achieve their goals and the parachute, which attracted many visitors thanks to its stunning display for full programming and endless group glow colors sequentially decided David Rockwell, founder and Chairman of the Rockwell Group to evaluate specials under the title light of every two hours starting at 8:00 and ends at 10:00 daily.

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