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Design apartment/house of 3 bedrooms

Design apartment/house of 3 bedrooms

Three-bedroom House can be the perfect size for a wide variety of arrangements. Three bedroom can provide a separate room for the kids, make the space comfortable companion roommate, or allow for offices and guest rooms for small families and couples. Designs here show many different ways to good use three bedrooms with stylish furnishings and unique designs.
This colorful home would be an ideal choice for music lovers, featuring two bedrooms and a spacious living area, complete with music storage and stereo, that opens out onto a cozy veranda. A small kitchen and an office area complete the comfortable home.
Designer: Jeremy gamilin 
this colorful House would be ideal choice for music lovers, featuring 2 bedrooms, spacious living room, complete with stereo music store, which opens a comfortable balcony. The small kitchen and
office space to complement the House.
This three bedroom house fully embraces a natural aesthetic. Not only does it use neutral browns and grays throughout, it features four separate outdoor patio areas.
Designer: aegis
this House three bedrooms fully embraces the natural beauty. Not only because it uses Brown and gray neutral throughout, it features four outdoor areas.
In a spacious design that would be perfect for roommates, this three bedroom house includes private baths for each room and a separate guest bath in the front hall. Outdoor lounging areas complete this modern, luxurious layout.
Designer: Studios on broad 
design would be perfect for companion roommate, this House three bedrooms includes private bathrooms for each room and a separate bathroom for guests in the lounge. Outdoor relaxation areas complement this luxurious modern design.
Another three bedroom layout from Astin Studios turns the largest bedroom into the lap of luxury with white marble floors, a conversation nook and a walk-in closet.
Designer: Studios Austin. 
 Another design for the three bedrooms of the studios on the larger bedroom converted to luxury with white marble floors, and the angle of the conversation and the Treasury.
Designer: brides in place of Kendall
 Working with the small space in some other designs in this round, this apartment has three bedrooms still has all the trappings of modern, comfortable house. Jack and Jill bath provides the perfect choice for siblings with the master bedroom has a private bathroom and closet. The kitchen includes a breakfast bar, as well as the dining area.
Another three bedroom home that would be ideal for a small family in an urban environment. Two smaller bedrooms would work wonderfully for siblings. A comfortable, modern living area is spacious enough for family gatherings while windows on two sides make it seem even larger.
Designer: guilrmina.
  Another House of three bedrooms would be ideal for a small family in the urban environment. Two bedroom smaller works wonderfully for siblings. Modern living area comfortable enough for family gatherings, while Windows on the sides make it look bigger.
This small, three bedroom still leaves space for a larger family, fitting siblings in one back room. An outdoor dining area with deck chairs is perfect for warmer weather and has a private entrance from the master bedroom.
Three small bedrooms still leave room for a larger family, siblings in one room. And the dining area with outdoor loungers ideal for warm weather and has a private entrance with master bedroom.
Once again, outdoor spaces are key to this three bedroom design. Decks running outside two sides of the home give many relaxing options while the bedrooms are cleverly arranged to leave space for work areas and storage.
Designer: sopertic. Supernova.
 Again, the external spaces are the key to this design consisting of three bedrooms. Decks outside both sides of the House to give several options to relax, while the bedrooms are arranged intelligently to leave space for work and storage areas.
This beachy design uses white and sea foam green to immediately transport you to Cape Cod or another seaside town. he bedrooms are not large, but the centralize living area and patio leave space for ultimate relaxation.
Source: the ninth Crescent Street,
 this design uses colors from the white beach and sea foam green to take you immediately to another coastal town. Bedrooms are not large, but the Central living area and patio allow for ultimate relaxation.
Proving you do not need square footage to fit three bedrooms comfortably is this floor plan. A master bedroom with ensuite bath and two smaller rooms for children and guests are perfectly spaced.
Designer: richa Gupta;  To prove you don't need square footage to fit three bedrooms comfortably this is design. Master bedroom with ensuite and two youngest children and guests apart completely.
Many homeowners may overlook the luxury of built-in closets, so this design makes stylish and practical use of freestanding wardrobes in each of its three bedrooms.
Designer: bradibetha Seth 
many homeowners may overlook his Excellency compact cupboards, so this design is a stylish and practical bookcase alone in each of the three bedrooms.
The simplicity of the furniture choices in this three bedroom apartment ensure that it feels extremely spacious, while still including all the necessities, like three baths, an office area, a dining area, a spacious kitchen and even a balcony.
Source: media contact;  
Simply picks the furniture in the apartment consisting of three bedrooms ensure they look extremely spacious, while still covering all the essentials, like three bathrooms, Office area, dining area and kitchen and even a balcony.
This design acknowledges both the importance of outdoor spaces and of privacy by giving each bedroom its own separate balcony and allowing residents to retreat to their own corner, or commune in the formal dining area and spacious kitchen.
Source: land TRID
, this design acknowledges the importance of all of the external spaces and privacy by giving each their own separate balcony and let residents back to their corner, formal dining area and a spacious kitchen.

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