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12 impressive idea to Smart City futures competition is unknown but it has changed the traditional concept of cities.

12 impressive idea to Smart City futures competition is unknown but it has changed the traditional concept of cities.

12 فكرة مبهرة للمدينة الذكية المستقبلية منافسة غير معروفة لكنها قد تغير المفهوم التقليدي للمدن.

Canary Wharf Group prepared to defy the Cognicity Challenge sponsored by Intel Corporation for 'identification process of developing intelligent city and accelerating techniques.' six categories include everything from sustainable buildings and transport included to houses and the default design. The first participants were announced. In the transportation category, six companies competed to occupy the two and get the opportunity to develop their own technical and published the ultimate in Canary Wharf. Alchera Technologies has provided its technology for tracking which toppled satellite navigation that uses cameras to machine learning algorithms to provide navigation information in real time. By analyzing traffic on roads or passenger flow, Smart City related mind Alchera handle peak and curse the queues and rally experienced by most modern cities.
In the meantime, the developed Control System Voyage might not notice. It is a platform to match customers who have empty trucks to use standby capacity. 'does not help to reduce the number of unused trucks to city roads to alleviate congestion and reduce air pollution, but can save time and money. Smart cities connected, digital cities design and apply BuzzStreets to benefit from this idea. The application aims to identify navigation problems in real time as it shows you pictures of these problems (to assess severity), and intelligent routing options around. Pat application is available for devices with Android and iOS, but it suffers from some problems currently. Smart ideas this trio was fighting a battle against three additional ideas: KnowNow (smart city information service advisories 'places to eat' and 'sleep' and 'play' and 'the visit') and PIE Mapping (intelligent routing of heavy vehicles, cyclists) and MellowCabs (electric taxis with three wheels powered solar service for travellers who want to preserve our planet).

In the category of sustainable buildings, six other companies competed against each other. This category is comprised of 8point3 LED lighting system energy saving and related cloud (gives you more energy savings by 85 compared to fluorescent and halogen systems) and Jooxter which uses motion sensors to track movement of people inside buildings, what can managers from analysis of turnout and give guidance to persons as well as to improve the use of space. Pavegen and gathered her flagstones kinetic energy, so this technology is installed at Heathrow and in the subway station at West Ham, in addition to several schools. The most recent project is 'football depends on people power for lighting' in Rio de Janeiro. It was reported that a group of 200 Pavegen slab to provide, in addition to solar power spotlights for up to 10 hours. Imagine the energy that can be generated through the conduct of thousands of travelers on the tiles in the heart of Canary Wharf Pavegen.
If flaming that imagination, leave the task for Polysolar. The company developed th Sun voltia scanned can be installed in new construction projects or update existing glass in buildings to generate solar energy. Think solar facades and solar curtains wide huge greenhouses solar farming smart, plus transparent Solar Windows in the future. If Waylon mask turn the world to sunlight, this would be a way to spread Volt technology lighting in large quantities. Take The Cloth Company Solar company different approach toward renewable energy. Designed solar panels are lightweight and low cost, flexible roofs that don't carry them, allowing the generation of solar power by opening up to buildings capable of carrying the weight of conventional optical voltage systems. Finally, Quantum change Waste for recycling is forever ', gave customers access to comprehensive waste treatment processes and not conducive to carbon will reduce transport time and costs, and enable efficient garbage collection operations and reduce carbon footprint as well as increased recycling rates.'
Sure, these twelve dazzling ideas form part of future development of smart city, however, the Chairman of Canary Wharf Group and ceo, Sir Georg lakobisko, managed to pick one winner from each category. Chosen Voyage Control and Polysolar are generally granted today, won and LED 8point3 Pavegen and PIE Mapping on the honorable mentions. Each of these companies will have the opportunity to include their products in the continuous development of Canary Wharf, which will serve as a showcase of smart city futures techniques. But the story doesn't end here. Featuring challenging four additional categories Challenge Cognicity: built-in resource management and automated building management and virtual design and construction as well as the connected home. This means 24 additional idea breathtaking in the hope of transforming our cities to intelligent cities.

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