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Zaha Hadid complement building companies in Moscow, central vacuum and insert the cross

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Zaha Hadid تكمل مبنى لشركات المعلوماتية في موسكو بفراغٍ مركزي وأدراج متقاطعة

The global architecture Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid is building its seven floors in Moscow dedicated to the city's growing informatics sector with vacuum mezzanine with overlapping balconies and dramatic alternations between black and white. Architectural Office has designed the centered in London building Domino this Dominion Office Building provides offices for small businesses arising within the central residential-industrial near Dubrovka Metro station Southeast of Moscow Dubrovka.

Building is 36 meters high and appears as layers of rectangular floors and expanded. While combining overlapping strips of floors slabs glazing forming a pattern through Web interfaces. Inside, the insertion of intersect aldrabsonat white and black scores central vacuum mezzanine in the heart of the building. Verandahs wrapped the corners of the central space supervisor on each other, creating an effect that resembles sculpturing designed iron building MAXXI museum in Rome recently.

' Building was conceived on the pelagic phase applied tiles that communicate with each other through the curved elements and a central vacuum rises across all floors input natural light into the building's Center. ' as Office of Zaha Hadid. Parking is located on two floors underground while distributed offices and restaurant and Conference events on seven floors above the ground. The building occupies a site area of 62 yards by 50.5 metres and floor area space amounting to 20 676 square metres. Separate the glass doors between Office and conference spaces, located on terraces allowing natural light to enter through the mezzanine space. While running the restaurant and meetings spaces ground floor to create a social space for emerging businesses to communicate.


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