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The most exciting suspension bridge in Northern Ireland

الجسر المعلق الأكثر إثارة في أيرلندا الشمالية

Province ' Antrim ' home to one of the most spectacular seascapes of the island are decorated with castles dating to the middle ages, locals call rich colors, and her bridge historical suspense is risky.

The rugged coast countries ' County Antrim ' perhaps is most famous among the six counties that constitute Northern Ireland. And therein lies the capital, Belfast, in addition to one of the greatest attractions of coastal shoreline corridor that ' giant's Causeway '. It includes an enormous area corridor of columns of basalt, resulting from a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago. But there is more to the capital like the arts and one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the rugged area, with beaches stretching for more than 200 kilometres, is also spectacular colors of blue and green, filled with castles palaces and bridges are crumbling, and colorful valleys want to explore.


Ruins of a medieval stronghold

Citadel ' denloos ' village ' bortbalintri '. Show Castle over rocks juts out of basalt, and adjacent slopes. It is among the oldest ruins in the province ' Antrim '.

The village hidden in the town remained buried underground to a depth of 30 cm until excavations began in 2007 to reveal scars indicating their origin, adding to the richness and prosperity. Recent discoveries included motorized Boulevard runs from the town to the Castle, and iron, and metal coins dating back to the reign of Queen aaizabith, and Charles I.

Rocky haven for fishermen that a bridge 30 meters above sea level and extends for a distance of 20 metres. Built his ' Carrick a red ' for the first time in the 17th century by fishermen who want to check their nets for salmon fishing on the bottom. And have used caves and caverns big spread in the island as a refuge from turbulent skies. The bridge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean became a suspension bridge, in this day, a magnet for finds in the same bold enough to go for it. He once backed only by two edges weak, a single rope on each side, but slowly has been installed since the 1970s. The current bridge was also tightening the ropes twisted with planks of fir wood in 2008. At the bottom, mixed colours sea blue and green while faceted horizon stunning breathtaking to rathlin island ' ' and ' koswai ' and the Scottish islands.

Amazing Island plants 
in spring and summer, you see the colors of rocky outcrops surrounding the bridge ' Carrick a Reed '. But you'll see more colors ' County Antrim ' Center away from the beach, in the valleys such as ' ghalinariv '. He is one of nine small isolated valleys in Antrim ' stretching ' the hills of Antrim ' North Shore. It is famous for the largest of the nine valleys, is the Valley of ' ghalinariv ', ' ghalinariv ' forest park; that broad swath of forests, waterfalls and courses on both sides of the river and the paths and fields of flowers jiryes intricacy leaf




Highlands ' Antrim ' witch ' valleys 
has classified Antrim ' nine in 1988 as the ' areas of outstanding natural beauty '. These valleys were formed during the Pleistocene as a result of the flow of glaciers across the steep hills within the Highland region. And living in the valleys towns balikasl, wetrvoot, wekoshindam, weghlinarm are primarily descendants of Irish natives and tribes ' Ulster ' and ' Heberden's ' Scots.

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