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' Stealth ' mantle silhouette approaching reality

' Stealth ' mantle silhouette approaching reality

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"عباءة التخفي" خيال يقترب من الواقع

A team of engineers and researchers at the University of Berkeley in California, invented the thin mantle thickness, it can cover the body and blocked about optical waves. The Group published the results of his research, Friday, in several prestigious scientific journals. Stealthy cloak is a device that can make what object is not visible. I have always used materials hacks or ' Metamaterials ' in previous attempts at making such gowns, because those articles to change the path of the light waves gradually.

But previous attempts had led to huge Mantles, resize, and more importantly that most such attempts led to the so-called ' displacements ' or 'phasic Phase Shifts of optical waves, which makes it easy to use a specific type of electromagnetic devices to detect the presence of a cloak.

The new cloak covered body as skin, works by changing the path of the light, and use millions of sensors ' nano ' to correct ' metaphase ' release features extra deviation levels, which prevents the detected body disappeared. This design makes each point on the surface of the cloak as a flat mirror, reflected from its surface. A team of engineers expected, theoretically, the absence of any obstacles to the production of different sizes which open many application domains, but it depends on the development of nanotechnology, which specializes in material handling on the molecular scale.

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