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Skyscraper consisting of cargo containers by signing ' CRG Architects '

ناطحة سحاب مكونة من حاويات الشحن بتوقيع شركة "CRG Architects "

The ' Architects ' design CRG skyscraper consisting of shipping containers to House more than 5,000 slum area of Dharavi in Mumbai, India. The design consists of two towers, the great tower in between the silence of India's tallest with a height of 400 metres.


The colors of the towers will advance step by step from yellow up to blue to symbolize the city's temperatures, which lead to many deaths. The project also will include non-residential units dedicated to water pools and public spaces. The container will be arranged around the hollow Chamber, which will contain lifts and ramps for 
people with special needs.


Design interior space provides ventilation for all populations in addition to breathtaking 360-degree angle. The picture shows the different layers of the Tower design. You can also rearrange containers and move them from one place to another and merged together.


Linked to each residential unit in servicing Centre towers, here's how the illustration shows the distribution of sewage and sanitation. The company occupied third place in the contest dedicated to providing engineering solutions to the problem of slum at Dharavi.



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