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NASA Announces the winner of the competition to build a residence on Mars

ناسا تعلن عن الفائز في مسابقتها لبناء سكن على المريخ

The us space agency NASA NASA with the recent announcement of the discovery of liquid water on Mars, so the Declaration of a winner in the competition for proposals for housing design printed betkinh 3D printing on the surface of the red planet. It has ranked first in this unique contest 3D Printed Habitat Design Challenge ' Ice House ' The Ice House to receive $ 25,000 designers dollars from contest sponsors NASA and national innovation Institute for manufacturing added America Makes. Was the request of contestants design base for four astronauts using 3D printing techniques and materials on Mars.

Alastodiohan has the new yorkian SEArch (Space Exploration Architecture) and AO Clouds (Clouds Architecture Office) work together on a winning concept. If ' Ice House ', one of the proposals which did not use three Mars composed of soft and hard stones, dirt, but instead built a crust of ice ' is able to protect dormitories from radiation with celebration of life on Mars.
The concept proposes using stock Mars water was believed to exist only as ice until the last few days. The design comes in the form of two components of snowboarding wemtodain one inside the other for segregation population, the harsh Martian climate which ranges from grades between 20 ° c and 150 ° c below zero. Can the Cryosphere to the building to dissipate the ultraviolet radiation and radiation mines while allowing light to enter the home by architects. It is worth mentioning that the design team composed of eight designers and 14 specialty Adviser among scientists, physicists, geologists and engineers space print 3D has wrested victory from other world architects who had participated in the contest including British architect Norman Foster.


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