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Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto product and his prescription glasses for medical planning group fashion house Akris Swiss

اضغط هنا لقراءة المقال باللغة العربية 

نتاج المعمار الياباني Sou Fujimoto ونظاراته الطبية تخط مجموعة أزياء دار Akris السويسرية

The effect of Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto present strongly in fashion collection spring-summer 2016 Swiss fashion house Akris which included fashion famous architecture buildings adopted as inspiration and sunglasses mimic his prescription glasses for special. Was recompiled almamaraliabani buildings like shopping center in Miami blue Suite displaying sirbintein 2013 to become clothing make up the group. ' There are architects are seeing them close to what they mean fashion and creates a relationship between the body and the environment by helping people to live comfortably. And Sue architect understands we have senses other than sight only. ' by Creative Director akirz Albert Kriemler.


The group included 49 pieces ' architecture ' of dresses arranged in small groups represent specific projects with direct and indirect references. Also opened the show with white or black pieces fully characterized by different sizes of openings as Sue buildings. Trees that filled the House building architecture N it was printing images on the shirt and trousers. While wooden building ground simulation dresses made of Cork.
Even sketches architecture using red ink found its echo in the Group alongside pieces showing Suite simulate serbintain in shiny boxes. Either commercial complex at Design Miami, represented by three pieces of blue colour glass blades-like powers in the building completed last year. ' The work soo I can highlight a desire to understand and create volumes and vacuum of space, and to introduce the nature of creation, transparency is walatmamh looks familiar to me. ' by kramler.


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