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Impact or role of ' lead ' green architecture

Impact or role of ' lead ' green architecture

أثر أو دور" لييد" علي العمارة الخضراء ح10

1. certificates accredited by the Association of ' us ' in the three tournament; silver, gold and Platinum is a good start for achieving sustainability is nothing more than a specification or technical laws or jurisprudence of no more and no less so to speak and are as a whole does not create scientific concept of green architecture and is very much like a grammar of the Arabic language improvement. 2. the question now is can learn Arabic language through grammar rules?  The answer is absolutely not! For the Arabic language is the Foundation and then come grammar as an aid to improving performance and refine language the better. And the same thing applies this concept on green architecture. A language or new school but it's reform movement of modern architecture which has affected humans and the environment for over 300 years.


3. therefore, we can say that the design green architecture is the basis for sustainable building industry first, then followed us laws and specifications to improve performance. 4. it should be pointed out here that the concept of green architecture and its principles began early this century since 2000 and they need time to mature, and research and scientific studies, the most important development of the current education curricula to ensure and achieve its lofty goals of being a scientific architecture before her main objective aesthetic can be architecture suitable for man and the environment together.


5. as an example of this is the Italian architect Mario kosinila ' known as ' design model for green schools in the besieged Gaza Strip, where the idea of design not familiar as we learned then we apply laws and specification lead, but came a different design of the ordinary or customary to design school ... Then comes that technical studies to determine specifications to support sustainability, including the specification lead and vice versa is incorrect.   
   6. I hope that I have contributed to correct what is now the country's Arabic convictions reversed completely to the concept of ' green building '.   

Subhi khaush 
architect and Planner consultant cities green Bldg.
, Montreal June 

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