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' Color ' book of DETAIL Practice to inspire architects in a deeper understanding of the world of colors

"اللون" كتاب من دار DETAIL Practice من أجل إلهام المعماريين في فهم أعمق لعالم الألوان
Color affects all people imposing them feelings and energized their memories. It was and remains a concern for artists, scientists, psychologists, planners, writers, and others. It is the task of the selection color is includes several challenges for architects and designers.

Here DETAIL Practice house publications book ' color: principles of design, planning strategies, and optical continues to ' Colour ' writer Axel Buether for each architect experience needed to take on color theory and color harmony laws through the Foundation of the science of color and its effects received by providing strategies for developing a color identical concepts into the design process.

The theoretical section of the book covers several topics like colors in both city and countryside, historical notes on the culture of color, and facts about the effects the Stereochemistry of color along the color and material impact on light add to the color schemes and systems. To come examples of uses of color in Interior and exterior spaces in several global projects practical application of that knowledge and to identify successful examples in colour design can inspire the reader on his own.

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