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BIG reveal its Synod in Stockholm as a set of ' green ' albksilat

BIG تكشف عن مجمعها السكني في ستوكهولم على هيئة مجموعة من"البكسيلات الخضراء"

Bjarke Ingels Group company for its residential block with overlapping terraces are now created in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The building is the yksih glass and wood beside the Royal National City Park where his surfaces with ECHO green lllandskib. The building consists of four rectangular sections arranged in a square around an internal central square, where each section of four sections with a distinct slope.


It should be noted that the building external body resemble quite a project company itself in the Danish capital Copenhagen called 8 House. ' In direct response to context take corners North West and South East rises from neighbourhoods while pulling the northeast corner, which is furthest from the park so her look worse, up which ensures her stunning views of both the Park and the Harbour ' by BIG block includes 140 apartments each with a wooden terrace and glass. While the ground floor commercial spaces and public platform in the South-Western point of the building allow visitors to sights across the Park. Similar design approach allows for system albksil or almkabet units with flexibility in design and implementation through the use of prefabricated units so as to give rise to the ocean and the context.


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