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Apple campus new technical center of Silicon Valley from HOK design

حرم Apple التقني الجديد وسط وادي سيليكون من تصميم HOK

Apply for news on Apple's technical giant Apple maps to create a new campus in Silicon Valley in California as complex as a green leaf design architectural company HOK garden surface area of two acres and diver. And Apple has completed the transaction with real estate developer Landbank to get 18 acres of land to build above the Hawk design which was described as ' a future technical office campus ' over the 71 .500sq. square metre span projected triple suites while surrounded and pass through lanes and footpaths along the 2 miles.


And will grant more than half the general location of the area of greenery, including the roof garden of the 8,000 square meters and is a feature of all technical premises locations in Silicon Valley including the Campus Center Facebook Frank Gehry. ' It would be for each of the three four-story buildings interior designed for use throughout the year, hit all walkways events and external spaces ' by architects. It is worth mentioning that the architectural company HOK owns 25 offices on three continents around the world from the plans and designed World Expo 2020 at Dubai World Expo2020 and the British Embassy in Jakarta.

Replaced new technical campus Business Park since the 1970s, known today as the Central * Wolfe. The campus will also include building II includes cafes, banks, sport events alongside the retailer distributed into two floors, two rectangles. Mediate almbenin theatre landscape where the outdoors theatre seats 500 people and works of art and dining areas linked to food carts. Either parking, located on four floors below ground and building related to pedestrian traffic. As well as help solar panels and water recycling system in achieving the building for LEED Platinum certification which seeks stylists will now make the campus closer to completion of zero energy consumption.


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