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Alejandro Zaera-Polo renews the Birmingham station British, not satisfying result

Alejandro Zaera-Polo renews the Birmingham station British, not satisfying result

لقراءة المقال باللغة العربية اضغط هنا 

Alejandro Zaera-Polo يجدد محطة بيرمينغهام البريطانية ولا يرضى عن النتيجة

Completed architectural company AZPML refurbished train station Birmingham Birmingham New Street in Britain despite remarks by co-founder Office architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo that ' the result could be much better. It features a design that involved all of the Zaera-Polo and the Office of Llaguno Maider interface inverter stainless steel wrapped around the terminal building in the 1960s with a vacuum mezzanine in the Center. Designed steel building skin to reflect the movement of trains in and out and around the city while covering the Central mezzanine ceiling is made from transparent plastic sheeting-ethyl.
Based upon the ceiling composed of overlapping contracts on original building columns encased void General and match shopping around. But when the building was opened in last weeks almmamari zira said Polo, who was Dean of Princeton University for architecture that result came further than was hoped. The remarks came after the dispute between the architectural Office and network rail about design changes. AZPML Office had concerns about details of the symptoms, which he said had created a contradiction between existing installations and added. It included a new ceiling was ' designed to seem like organically grown on the ancient origin '.
According to zira Polo Network Rail committed a strategic error ' خطيرا' through changes to some articles _ guaranteed replacement parts from aluminium and steel replacement work smooth plastic cloth. ' The concept was adopted to cover old film steel reflector would have been able to show trains arriving at the station, which is now visible along with passengers arriving into the building and sky Birmingham New NET which became sunny and luminous because of climate change and clean industry! ' by zira Polo.

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