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A young Iraqi immigrants reflect details of cities ' thumbnails ' art

لقراءة المقال بالغة العربية اضغط هنا 

شاب عراقي مهاجر يجسّد تفاصيل المدن في "مصغرات" فنية

The young Iraqis live as Amidi refugees in Turkey, perform accurate artwork known as thumbnails. Thumbnail art is art, his idea is based on building models that simulate what scene in the alley or in one of the cities, but very precise details. Commentary on the BBC experiment with this art and how he received his attention. He began to work on the thumbnails in 2010 when he found by chance some kind of wood called (albalsa), and is easily machined piece wood. But the idea was going on in his head before that date because of reading many translated novels when he was a child, and then attempt to imagine the atmosphere of the story.
Amidi said he had not studied the arts never even studied electronic engineering, making several references to the cities through design software through a computer, however, I miss to see details of his work in his fingers. And had trouble at first for lack of raw materials on the one hand, and not know the details of this art, to study, on the other hand.


Amidi says he built miniatures scenes in Paris and London boutiques in New York, inspired by which read in novels and stories. Stand out in the work of young Iraqi artist, cruel and ancient aspects that show did time in those cities, and plans to manufacture other thumbnails for cities in Asia where heavy details. According to Amidi, per vignette requires two to three months to complete, due to the need to study the form and atmosphere of the city, in addition to long time in cutting and shaping the landscape components sizes and very small details.

And I asked the BBC due to the absence of thumbnails of Baghdad within his work, he wanted to embody the scene from Iraq in one of the thumbnails you will carry this with sadness and pain, and is what is currently dealing with pain to achieve fame and its prevalence. Amidi says he did not receive any support or encouragement in the town, but the friends and artists of foreign project thumbnails and assisted in its deployment abroad. Despite the difficulty in traveling outside Turkey to him for being a refugee, that Amidi says he hopes to be able to participate in the international exhibitions it soon, and not lacking optimism in the future, he says.


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