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Zoo Zurich build new shelters the Villa with a pool and wooden dome glass wall

حديقة حيوان زيوريخ تبني مأوىً جديداً لفيلتها بقبة خشبية ومسبح ذو جدار زجاجي
The company completed Swiss Markus Schietsch Architekten Philae Center new Zurich Zoo Zurich include a ceiling crustaceous wood and glass pool. Kaeng Krachan Park offers Elephant Park at the Zoo Zurich six times more void of emptiness, creating an environment in which elephants that roam freely between the external and internal spaces, making it easier for visitors to observe the animals. Architectural Office has collaborated with Lorenz landscape Eugster and Walt Galmarini Engineering Office on the project, creating a complex that can accommodate up to 10 elephants at the same time.

The highlight of the project design is wooden vaulted ceiling of 6800 m2. Permeates plastic dome celestial slots the 271 ETFE in various shapes and sizes to create the impression the branches of trees. ' Fading chkef within origin similar to the transparent maze to achieve an organic relationship with the surrounding forest. Internal vacuum opens the roof to the spatial effect like a forest of trees interspersed with sunshine generator offer continuously variable light. ' was the establishment ceiling slabs triple layers causing manufacture installed at the site level, and then bent to create the shape of the dome.

Also, the very complex area of 11,000 square meters featuring different ayar water for elephants swim and bath there is also outdoor with glass wall secured a sight under water for visitors to observe animals and is an unusual angle swims, which offers more freedom for animals to the development of social relations and ensure greater security to guard the garden by garden of Zurich. It is noteworthy that a number of zoos today redesign places to save animals in response to the growing information needs of the different types and creating spaces for larger and larger spaces simulation.

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