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The opening of the first pedestrian bridge is funded by the public in Rotterdam designed by ZUS

افتتاح أول جسر مشاة ممول من قبل عموم الناس في روتردام من تصميم ZUS
Dutch Studio completed ZUS Rotterdam capital what they called ' the first infrastructure project funded by the public in the world ' and is a pedestrian bridge with a length of 400 meters in their mother. Under the name of Luchtsingel ' pneumatic ' Canal passes through the origin in building across the road and railway to reach areas of the city that were previously separate. Brings the wooden bridge with a yellow heart on Earth high full floor, creating footpaths uninterrupted up Rotterdam Rotterdam Centraal Station station recently renovated with the historical province of Laurenskwartier.


Up as a series of individual and public projects including garden vegetables ceiling and a new Park. Initial funding was received through a fundraising campaign where every contributor about 25 euros in honor of digging on a wooden panels to either side of the bridge. And has more than 8,000 people have signed their names to donate financially to campaign and then later Architects has been awarded funding to complete the project by the City Council. Building on the idea of ' permanent ' impermanence project provides a new way of making city. This means using the profile of evolutionary city and shapes as a starting point. Therefore we have developed new ways to design, finance and planning. '


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