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Japanese Prime Minister cancels tsamamim Zaha Hadid lastadiom Tokyo Olympic 2020

رئيس وزراء الياباني يلغي تصماميم حديد لإستاديوم طوكيو الأولومبي 2020

Canceled controversial schemes designed by Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid architecture to the 2020 Olympic alastadiom in Tokyo Olympic Stadium. The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to announce that design alastadiom has started again from scratch because of rising costs, according to the British newspaper the guardian.
' We decided to return to start a new Tokyo Olympics-Paralympics astadiom designs and start from scratch again. I heard the sound of people a month who wanted to think about the possibility of reconsideration. ' as well as the Office of Zaha Hadid Architects iron (ZHA) declared that ' is quite true that the revenues and expenses of the new national balastadiom must continue and understand thoroughly and clearly by the public and decision makers in Japan and we hope that this will be one of the objectives of the review announced by the Prime Minister. '
It should be noted that the estimated cost by the iron rose to £ 1.3 billion last year. The design was also received cash from renowned Japanese architects including Kengo Kuma wevomihiko Toyo Ito Maki who opened a petition to cancel the project because of its scale. Which have not yet fully embraced iron magnanimously as ' shameful thing by them '. Architect Arata isozaki was design by ' mistake ' because of his edifices ' despair ', then the Director of the Office of Patrick Schumacher iron on this news as a writer on Facebook ' Maki Ito will be remembered for this. '

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