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Youth from New Zealand designing office is collapsible cardboard "refold" to help "the less fortunate"

Designed a team of young architects office of cardboard can be used fully seated or standing.
This project is called "refold" or "re-folding" is a project for architects Frazier Callaway Fraser Callaway and Oliver Ward Oliver Ward and Matt Ennis Matt Innes of New Zealand; and who collaborated on the determination of the office paperwork removable and edited to suit the lifestyle of fast today and many nomadic and mobility.
The design can be adapted to different environments is not something that needs installed more than a few minutes to be upright ready for use, as it is lightweight and retractable so it can be carried easily and take it wherever it is.
Architects believes that it can be used in schools, studios, shops and offices of mobile phones in places of post-disaster.
Architects has reached viability of making their office appropriate to the status of stand this for a number of the first causes of choice "that research has shown that when you are standing, you probably comes will be more likely to engage with others and share ideas and participate in systemic efforts, and the standing position increase productivity and create an atmosphere more healthy; it that sitting for long periods proved harmful to the extent that the so-called "new smoking", "according to the architects.
Individual does not require the installation of cardboard and office paper more than Deghiiktin without using any adhesive tape, which is made entirely of a single material, a cardboard double-layer thickness of 7 mm; that is recyclable 100%.
Every man of the legs of the office consists of 3 pieces are "groove" pieces with each other to force installation has been completely manufactured in New Zealand.
Architects work with UNICEF in New Zealand and aspire behind this their project to reduce the suffering of the "the less fortunate" in the world by helping to improve education and facilitate such products.
Project these young people are currently waiting for funding on the custom to display the emerging business ideas Kikstartr site.


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