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Wing temporary display of bright floral balls of French design Marc Fornes

The French architect Marc Furness Marc Fornes curved body design and bright pink color of perforated aluminum panels to represent the wing of the temporary display in the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York.
Under the name "situation room" The Situation Room was the manufacture of this wing through the collection of twenty-spherical shape with diameters within an incremental and continuous curved membrane using mathematical logical operations.

Architectural and explains that what created by these balls is a "kind of dialogue between the High comfort and well known interaction uncomfortable with the unknown."
Has been smoothing the joints where the balls converge to create curves doubling provide stable and structurally coherent.
To be the output format is a series of hoops, arches, tunnels and holes within the envelope visitors can roam through. The columns branching off the roof and extended to the ground to lift part of the overhead construction.
Lighting also has the shape externally as well as interior lighting, which creates Munira environment and radiate outward through small holes that pierce the surface of the panels to be reflected on the surfaces of the walls surrounding the vacuum Balanchae.
Sound engineer Jana Winderen also designed ten thunderous sounds of roaring through the construction transferred him to a musical instrument.
Explains architect "casing interstitial, and membrane voice, and the performance of a construction, and installation of parts, and the light of all distributor unite and merge through the layer effect of neon dispersed recognize one of what is known."
Provisional wing before it will remain until the twenty-first of November 2014.


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