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Strands of cotton stretched in front of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech design Barkow Leibinger

Strands of cotton stretched in front of the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech design Barkow Leibinger

The American architectural studio Alolmana- Barkow Leibinger strain of cotton yarn between the huge trunks of pine wood in Marrakech Biennale Exhibition 2012 Marrakech Biennale to produce a taut origin of alternating peaks before intercourse iconic Koutoubia in Marrakesh Moroccan.
Cotton has been chosen as the formation because Hecan "strong and flexible enough to stretch over 
wooden frames." According to the architects.

Loom-Hyperbolic-by-Barkow-Leibinger_dezeen_784_5.jpgLoom-Hyperbolic-by-Barkow-Leibinger_dezeen_784_4.jpgInspired by the story of the life of start off with a cotton on cotton seed and ending formation leads to a traditional loom machines was formed to exploit cotton yarn for strength and light weight within the establishment attractive.
"It is a natural substance membership beautiful to the eye and to the touch. Can be recycled an amazing strength within the application, which we used as it is very light." In the words of architects.
He also drew on the work of the architects of the Danish designer Hans Fagner Hans J Wegner in 1950 in his chair Flag Halyard example of early flatten threaded to form surfaces.
"There we discovered cotton thread stretched on a frame of steel tubing _kadd was Fagner Bhara_ that shape and support the surfaces of the chair."
Loom-Hyperbolic-by-Barkow-Leibinger_dezeen_784_6.jpgLoom-Hyperbolic-by-Barkow-Leibinger_dezeen_784_10.jpgArchitects seeks to continue exploration in the article to find more uses for architectural clues.
"Cotton identifies as pulling a number of projects and frameworks skin Basbh us and which can operate on an architectural scale." According to the architects.
The embodiment uses more cotton in a series of films called "common threads" show how believes that article a common thread through the unique features two lives.

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