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Richard Meier is working on a residential tower rising 163 meters in Taiwan

Richard Meier is working on a residential tower rising 163 meters in Taiwan

The American architecture pioneer architecture white (as it was called) Richard Meier Richard Meier designed to detect the skyscraper with 163 meters high clouds, which are under construction today in the Taiwanese city Taacheng.
Architect Richard Meier & Partners Taichung Condominium tower that has been designed to include 110 luxury apartments in the city center as well as the swimming pool and fitness center and a heavenly garden.


The building will consist of online Mncoan house one drawer; one is the north tower long in the face of the city skyline and the second lowest in the south building houses the main entrance.
The architect said that this project will contribute to increased "vital kinetic architecture" of the city where they are working on projects all of Zaha Hadid Zaha Hadid and Mad MAD and SANA SANAA.
Meyer said: "responds the new tower with the existing fabric of the city scale while maintaining a modern architectural dialogue that we continue to improve and explore through our well said."

"I really believe that the building will become a significant addition to the city center Taacheng and will reflect our commitment to quality and architecture of which are not bounded by time."
The interface will be the main tower is a glass wall pseudonym interfere with him in some parts tracts of white aluminum surfaces. The south tower will also be covered with a glass screen to provide further Conditions of residents.
Design also contains a series of balconies, terraces and blanks, which was intended from behind, creating a variety of lighting conditions.

According to the two designs partners in Mayer, the tower design "embodies the fundamental principles about the lightness and transparency. Has approached the design of this residential tower as an opportunity to provide a beacon to the city center with detailed solutions specifically turn increase the Aattabart our fine with regard to detail and finishes and materials during follow the ideals at the site and order and the use of natural light. "
Will be allocated to the three lower floors of the building to the activities of residents, including massage rooms and the lobby, and Western and Chinese hospitality rooms.
Architectural office is now working with a local company HOY Architects and is expected to finish work on the tower by 2018.


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