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PPAG Architects expanding restaurant in Vienna Bechtel fry with reflective surfaces

PPAG Architects expanding restaurant in Vienna Bechtel fry with reflective surfaces

Profit architectural studio PAGE Architects architectural contest expansion and renovation of the building that contains a famous restaurant called Steirereck in Vienna. He has Architects design expansions "fry" Teixeiha walls of mirrors reflecting the natural surrounding park with windows slide up the surface.
The building has undergone a series of renovations since the 2004 but still needs to expand to keep pace with growing the business.
Has been added piecemeal expansion coated with mirrors to the side of the existing building, while the interior has been re-formation through the addition of curved breakers are subject to movement formed a dining table adapted form.

Coverage has added four blocks expansion, and Architects, which he described as "digitorum", textured metal reflective Kalmraya along with glass, has resulted in a vast spatial configuration that every table in the restaurant link with the interface.
Inside was locating sit curved wooden Boukgan interspersed with large windows offer great views of the landscape Alhaddaúqa.
"When a new vacuum food design we started working individuals tables around the outside." In the words of architects.

As has been created interiors for every retarded raised part of the restaurant pavilion to converge with the park, while the entrance to the restaurant is located in the back of one of those blanks.
Within the original part of the building can be curved wooden panels that changing the form of the size of the room and managed to fit the diversity of food scenarios, tracking into plowshares were hidden in the cracks have been created in the white ceiling.
"Make the mountains and valleys window sills disappear, allowing the completion of various positions and elevations of the elements of a roller with little effort." According to the architects.
Rectangular bar and kitchen size and contain up old parts of the building in El Jadida. Have been lining the walls and floors of this section is a regular arrangement of black and white tiles and gray.
Visitors can watch the chefs who are here attending feeds them across a large horizontal window.
"Little tiles Khwarizmi asymmetric pattern in any area with a kitchen, giving him the observer away a sense that they are very busy in the inner workings of the restaurant."
Architects has worked on decorating the walls of this section foods and beverages such as cheese cakes and drink bottles and other food.
In the basement of a deck located kitchen and bathrooms and store expansion.
Herb garden can be found on the surface of which is derived Cooks components of their dishes.Steirereck-Restaurant-by-PPAG-architects_arch-news.net_784_5.jpgSteirereck-Restaurant-by-PPAG-architects_arch-news.net_784_6.jpgSteirereck-Restaurant-by-PPAG-architects_arch-news.net_784_7.jpgSteirereck-Restaurant-by-PPAG-architects_arch-news.net_784_8.jpgSteirereck-Restaurant-by-PPAG-architects_arch-news.net_784_9.jpgSteirereck-Restaurant-by-PPAG-architects_arch-news.net_784_13.jpg

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