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OFIS Arhitekti build Astadiom oval perforated Belarusian team FC BATE Borisov

Slovakian architectural office OFIS Arhitekti completed its work on the football team building Alastadiom Belarusian FC BATE Borisov.
The building is located bulbar form a random oval windows in the forest area south of Borisov city center, and creates a stadium with a capacity for 13 thousand spectators new Astadiom to be famous Belarusian team headquarters.
The architects choose enamel aluminum panels for cladding facades and curved Thagboha randomly irregular oval windows in order to create the appearance of cloth stretched on the bone; "give the impression of skin dome slave cloth drill elongated and stretched on the skeleton of Astadiom." In the words of architects.

Engineering has shaped onion circular building so improved acoustics within opened oriented north-south in order to ensure the distribution of sunlight evenly on both teams players in the game.
Public events approximate area is located approximately 3,000 square meters behind the curved facade on the ground floor level in the northern, southern and eastern sides of Alastadiom, including restaurants, bars, shops and galleries bowling alley and a sports center.
The visitor's lobby is a natural shaft on the first level, has been designed to be "a place of half-time", contains this vacuum toilets, bars and first aid rooms and the book.


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