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"Kinetic chair" chair controls the mouse pointer through the body

"Kinetic chair" chair controls the mouse pointer through the body 

The new design graduate from the Academy of Design Academy Eindhoven Govrt Flint Govert Flint chair design allows the user to control the location of the computer mouse in the scope of the human body movements.
Designed Govrt Flint this new technical project entitled "Kinetic chair" Dynamic Chair for easy movement in all directions, and then work with the designer programmed SABIC Sami Sami Sabik to translate the movements performed by sitting on a chair into actions on a computer screen.

According to Flint Find trying to find jobs related to the physical expression has begun; "I started thinking about how we manufacture chairs separately from our activity. The work in the office is an activity that sit for him; from here I tried to design the chair depends on body movements."
Moving separate elements of the back seat and a pair of support legs with the human body independently of each other. All of which are made from polyester lining inside upholstered Sophie and backed by a frame of steel sections welded.
Sensors measure the acceleration of three placement on the chair movements in XYZ directions and then the data is transmitted over wires to a computer programmed to use the information to move the mouse pointer over Hashah computer at the level of the eye of the beholder.
A sensor located below the chair to chair site calculates the relationship with levels of X and Y.
The user moves to the front, back, and side to side to move a cursor on the screen the desired direction.
The sensors are installed on the leg press the cursor when you receive a quick kick movement.
Although this technique is currently allows only control what was "" formerly mouse; however, the designers are hoping to develop the idea to include the entire interface of computer work.
"We would like to cooperate for the future development with developers Software and programmers to design and user interface based on body movements. It also will replace the keyboard movements of the body a more precise manner. But for the user's production will have on the entire computer to work comfortably with the body movements, but this needs to be further developed . "According to Flint.
The chair will be displayed as part of the exhibition graduated Academy Design Design Academy Eindhoven in the Dutch Design Week Dutch Design Week 18. Between October / October 26, 2014.

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