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Jumeirah Group appoints Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster to design the new luxury of its hotels in China

The group Jumeirah Jumeirah Group, a company based luxury hotels in Dubai to choose Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid for the two drugs Asamma of the latest Akart company in China, namely Jumeirah Jumeirah Wuhan, Wuhan and Nanjing Jumeirah Jumeirah Nanjing.
It will be both drugs to neighboring provinces of Business, also secured the number of diverse events of luxury suites, restaurants and clubs specialized private and business centers, spas and more.

Iron Office of Zaha Hadid Architects is currently working on Jumeirah Nanjing, the 250-room hotel in a new business Hiksa Province, which is only an hour from Shanghai project is supposed to be completed by 2016.
The Foster Foster Office + Partners will work on the luxury hotel with 200 rooms within Jumeirah Wuhan upscale and mixed uses, and which will be the next business Hankou County and expected completion of work on it and it opened in 2020 the project.

What the third Real Estate Jumeirah, a Jumeirah Haikou Jumeirah Haikou Resort Spa, which contemplates becoming "Hawaii of China" coming, it will be designed by the architectural firm based in Kuala Lumpur Denniston International will build the project, which will include 60 villas and a luxury hotel with 140 rooms, on a private island an area of 136 hectares in Hainan is expected to open by 2019.


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