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Jorge Mealha designed office building in the inner courtyard Óbidos Technological Park

Jorge Mealha designed office building in the inner courtyard Óbidos Technological Park

Architect Jorge Mealha designed this ring box building to be a center for emerging businesses in the historic Portuguese town Obidos north of Lisbon within Óbidos Technological Park Park.
The building apparently dumped in the middle of the corner and raised balanced over a collage of the hills to create a place for corporate offices and the central arena.

The building has been designed in response to the announcement contest asked the central plaza for a common space for residents of the center.
So focused on the architectural dissolved General yards unofficially named after the palace courtyards "terreiros" It Aerovh feature in many of the towns Portuguese.
"Design decision focused on the goal of creating a large public square with an easy and flexible relationship with neighboring buildings. But mainly as a supplement natural Landscape Ocean." According to the architect.
Bordering the public arena tiled hill covered with grass interspersed with openings and so in order to give the impression that the topography came "as a result of the erosion process."
The building seems at first glance like a block of bungalows with a immersed sections of the underground, which helps Vigolh fits well with the surrounding low-rise farm buildings.
The fact that the number of rooms under the ground is more than those above.
"Design tried to draw a building in the landscape seems mainly like thin horizontal line, or a long and continuous firewall." In the words of architecture.
Obidos-Technological-Park-Main-Building-by-Jorge-Mealha_arch-news.net_468_18.jpgTraditional management is a public area prescient inspiration for the project, which encouraged the architect to add rooms to ceiling windows along the sides of the arena to encourage interaction between the various start-up companies.
Has been used to build soil drilling forming artificial hill at the corner of events include meeting rooms and a workshop Fablab, a restaurant and shops and Technology Vrgat.
Above the ground floor partially submerged create mass terrible main vacuum similar to another monastery includes most Vrgat companies and some additional laboratories.
Obidos-Technological-Park-Main-Building-by-Jorge-Mealha_arch-news.net_468_20.jpgObidos-Technological-Park-Main-Building-by-Jorge-Mealha_arch-news.net_784_0.jpgThe first floor vacuum support in six places just seem like balanced on the edge of the hill. His spare inner surface facing pillars and structural glazing wraps around the inner passage believer Trdjaa some offices.
Network semi-opaque white exterior walls cover while exposed sections of the ground floor covered with cement raw or rusty steel in order to strengthen the link with the land.
EXA was inside the submerged sections exposed cement and wood painted black where the form of the latter reception surfaces, walls and ceilings office. Wood panels also give patterns of Alriliev semblance warm harmony with the rough appearance of the rest of the material.

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